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Yamaha has announced new additions to their PSR lineup. The PSR-E473 and the PSR-EW425.

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of the PRS-E473 for some time now. Ever since Yamaha raised the bar for entry-level keyboards with the 2020 launch of the PSR-E373, we knew something special was coming and it’s finally here.

Both new models share the same feature set, but the PSR-EW425 sports 76 keys where the PSR-E473 61 keys.

Yamaha PSR-E473

Strong points

  • Next-gen sounds with Super Articulation vocals.
    The new PSR-E series keyboards deliver the same professional quality sound as the high-end models.
  • Quick sampling. A new interface and greater freedom in sampling new sources allow for more expression.
  • Movement effects. Hold down the buttons during playback to instantly add effects, transform the sound with a filter, create pitch lifts, add tape stop and slice effects, or other new dynamic sound effects.
  • Mega Boost. Press the Mega Boost button to add +6dB of powerful volume! This function adds 6 dB to the apparent volume set by the volume knob.
  • Live control buttons. The two live control knobs make it easy to manipulate and interact with the sound you produce while you play.
  • Versatile high quality effects. These models are the first in the PSR-E series to feature two effects channels and provide high-quality effects previously available only with the high-end models.
  • The most advanced voices ever featured on a PSR-E model!
  • Premium organ sound exclusive to the PSR-EW425. Created specifically for the PSR-EW425, the realistic organ sounds of the Yamaha YC stage keyboard series let you get the most out of the 76-key keyboard.
  • Connect and share. Plug in a microphone to try your hand at singing while playing. Use the Rec’n’Share app to share your music with the world and connect to PA systems to perform on stage.

Sound like a pro!

The PSR-E473 delivers the same professional quality sound as the high-end models. They’re packed with augmented effects and a wide range of styles, from the latest hits to genres from around the world.

express yourself

Yamaha reorganized the control panel and LCD screen, phased out the numeric keypad, added buttons for direct access to categories. The optimized control panel provides quick and easy access to voices, styles and functions so you can focus on your creativity. With dedicated buttons, fast sampling, and innovative motion effect functionality, you can intuitively express the sounds you hear in your head.

Connect and share

A variety of connectivity options provide all the support you need to train, play and play. Plug in a microphone to try your hand at singing while performing, use the Rec’n’Share app to share your music with the world, and connect to PA systems to perform on stage.

Yamaha PSR-E473/PSR-EW425 Specifications

  • 820 voices and Super Articulation Lite voices
  • 290 models
  • 2 channels/41 types of DSP insert effects
  • Quick Sampling
  • groove maker
  • Live control buttons, motion effect functionality, pitch bend wheel
  • Mega Boost
  • Direct access buttons to categories
  • USB audio interface/recording
  • Microphone input and vocal effects
  • Individual L/R outputs

Price and availability

The UK suggested retail price for the PSR-E473 is £412, but we’ve already seen it reduced to £349.00
The PSR-EW425 is priced at £545.00, but again we saw this selling for £449.00

Both keyboards are expected to be available by mid-April 2022.


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